About This Blog

Hello, and welcome to 1Girl1Year100Pounds!

This blog was started so I could write about my weight loss struggles and achievements during my first year of serious weight loss. I need a place to vent and, hopefully, to celebrate.

I hope that if someone stumbles upon this blog someday that maybe it will give them hope and encouragement. I really hope to be an “after” story in a year’s time!

As far as my weight goes, I’m starting out in the 260s and hoping to get down to the 160s (or lower!) in a year’s time. I will take it as I go, but my long-term/finishline goal is around 130-135. (For anyone who is wondering, I am 5’4″.)

I’m doing this for my health, but I won’t pretend to be altruistic about my weight loss; I have a cash incentive, proposed by a close relative, and I have the ulterior motive of vanity!

My method? Portion control and increased exercise. Not taking my emotions out on food. Support. Talking. Venting. Writing. Laughing. I hope it works!

So, if you’re interested in following along with my progress and my story, keep coming back to this blog! I hope to write at least 3-4 times a week! Feel free to visit my other pages (the tabs along the top of the page) which will show progress photos and links to my other exploits!




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